Pain Management Education Is Deficient in American Medical Schools

A new study out of the Journal of Pain shows that pain management education in American medical schools is limited and fragmentary. Chronic pain affects over one third of United States adults, and the treatment of pain often is in adequate. Along with that, we now know that pain education for the future doctors of America is inadequate as well.

This is surprising considering the depth of the problem in the American population. The researchers looked at US medical schools to see what kind of pain management education was being offered and how many medical schools provided that type of education.

Less than 4% of US medical schools taught a required pain course. 16% of the schools offered an elective in pain management education.

Most US medical schools do not teach any courses on pain management, in addition another large number of schools have fewer than five hours of pain education in a four-year period. The researchers use the term fragmentary in regards to pain management being taught in the context of a more general course which is not really focused on pain much at all.

Pain is one of the most common reasons people in America go to see a doctor or to an emergency room. Typically about an hour is spent in medical school on opioid pharmacology and not much else. The researchers noted that some of the areas that are under educated include cancer pain, pediatric pain, and legal issues pertaining to narcotic medications.

With such a considerable amount of regulatory effort being spent on going after doctors prescribing pain medication, it would seem prudent for education to be offered rather than simply punishment.

One of the recommendations that came out of the study was to increase the number of required pain focused courses that are offered in medical schools and to place pain management into a more organized in formal delivery system. The researchers noted that both emotional and intellectual skills are important when it comes to providing compassionate and educated pain management for patients.

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Along with simply increasing the knowledge base for effectively treating their patients, they have also learned the emotional aspects of dealing with pain management as well.

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